Get access to 1000s of eBooks to enhance your LMS content.

1000s of Open Access content wrapped in a powerful e-reader is avaliable to you.

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Seamless access to eTextbooks and learning materials all within your LMS

Provide easy access for all of your students to a curated collection of open access content. All through your LMS utilising a powerful simple to use and intuitive eReader.

Over 10,000 open access and open research educational titles available.

From a wide number of leading commercial and academic publishers

Seamless access for every student in your LMS within a powerful e-reader 

Get setup in 3 simple steps


Get in touch with our 24/7 Support team based in Yogyakarta, who have years of experience supporting LMSs.

Step 2

Our team will set you up with a demo account on our free Moodle platform where you can experience the Kortext integration.

Step 3

If you would like to continue with a free 30 day trial, our team can then install the LTI integration onto your own LMS.

What LMSs are supported?

The powerful online eReader and Open Access content is available across any VLE that supports LTI. This provides a seamless access and single sign on to the content.

  • Moodle
  • Blackboard
  • Canvas
  • Brightspace 
  • Any LTI Compliant VLE

A wide range of subjects available

The collection contains a comprehensive set of learning materials that covers many subjects.

  • Society and Social Sciences
  • Humanities and the Arts
  • Languages
  • Literature
  • Computing and Technology
  • Business and Management
  • Engineering and Mathematics
  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Economics and Finance

Ready to get access to quality content for your students?

Recent Market Research in Indonesia

Server stability adversely affects students learning

We have recently conducted market research from students attending top universities in Indonesia that have mentioned that "...the server is down when used simultaneously; this very often happens during the exam period..."

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What's included with the Kortext eReader?

Quick search functionality

When you use Kortext’s search functionality, you can search for words or phrases.

It will return results from the entire bookshelf, including Collections and Videos if available at your institution.

You can navigate directly to your search via the search results, speeding up the learning process.

Accessible notes and collaboration

eTextbooks are better than textbooks for a reason; with added functionalities such as notes and highlights, you can annotate your texts and store those notes in one easily accessible place.

Collaborating with classmates is a great way to enhance your learning. You can share your notes with your groups on Kortext, as well as via Email, or via Microsoft Teams – taking the work out of group work!

Ability to customise your reading

Kortext’s main priority is to be inclusive for all. Therefore, our accessibility features let you adjust your reading experience in any way that fits your needs.

You can customise font size, style, and background colour, or you have the option to even listen to your chosen books with our Read Aloud feature.

Click below to discover more about our accessibility features.

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Who is Overt Software?

Overt Software Solutions is an established company founded in 2010. We are based in the UK and provide solutions to businesses and educational institutions all over the world. Overt Software specialise in providing installation, support, and project management services, particularly in the areas of federated access management, multi-factor authentication (MFA), cloud computing and learning management systems.

Who is Kortext?

Kortext was founded in 2013 with a purpose to empower the next generation of difference-makers through teaching and learning. In a little over five years we became the UK’s leading personal learning platform and supplier of digital textbooks. We are continuing to see large-scale growth as the need for online teaching and learning increases rapidly. Today, we work with 4,700+ publishers including Pearson, McGraw Hill, Wiley and Oxford University Press, we supply over 2 million digital books to students in 80 countries around the world. With Headquarters in Bournemouth, UK, our global team work with universities and governments to support better access to educational content and more effective teaching and learning.